Local MP Opposes Cut to Universal Credit

John Cruddas
Local MP Opposes Cut to Universal Credit


This week the Joseph Rowntree Foundation published constituency level data which highlighted the devastating impact of the government's planned £20 cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit.

The analysis shows that 13710 (29%) working age families and 8380 (50%) working-age families with children across Dagenham and Rainham will be impacted by the proposal. Across the United Kingdom 21% of all working-age families will experience a £1,040-a-year cut to their incomes.

Local MP Jon Cruddas said: "these statistics are harrowing and show just how damaging a Tory government is to families in Dagenham and Rainham. Reports are suggesting that this will be the biggest single cut to social security since the foundation of the welfare state, and it will be people in the most deprived communities that are hit hardest."

The planned removal of the £20 a week Universal Credit Covid uplift will push half a million people into poverty including over 200,000 children. The JRF report highlights that working families with children will be disproportionately impacted by the government's move.

Jon added: "I understand the need to get people back to work as we emerge from the crisis but pulling the rug out from under working families is not the way to go about it. In the coming weeks I will be calling on the government to make the £20 uplift permanent."