Lightnin Drama Group

Lightnin Drama Group

Lightnin Drama group is a Rainham based performing arts group run by Sue Ospreay - a lady well and truly embedded into the local community for all her hard work over the years. Come September, Sue will have been running the school for 41 years!

Sue Ospreay said: "You may well ask why I've been doing this for so long, and I will try my best to explain. You see the truth is I really have a problem with this word "NO". My driving passion is to make the wonderful world of performing arts accessible for everyone and not just for those who can afford to send their children to stage schools. Theatre is about so much more than putting on shows & in my opinion everyone deserves to have their ears and eyes well and truly opened."

"We are very much like a whacky, zany jigsaw puzzle. We are all different shapes and sizes, colours, genders, ages, abilities, and religions. Yet somehow, we all fit together perfectly. Lightnin is an extended family. Our younger members are known as Thunder, who we are extremely proud of and are very excited - as we will be having a lot of talent coming up into Lightnin as Thunder grows older and progresses in age to eventually join us."

Sue is known within the community for her dedicated work with the group and believes the key to success is teamwork:

"Teamwork is absolutely key and is urged throughout. We don't do ?stars', we do encouragement. We don't do auditions we do welcomes. We don't want to know what you can do for us it's what we can do for you. We love hard work because hard work can actually be fun and with the whole gang supporting you, your confidence will only soar. Drama shapes you as people and enhances your social skills. Normal people with everyday jobs come together for a shared passion of performance at LDG."

The group recently partnered up with The MCA Trust - a children's cancer charity who supports local families and their children as they prepare to fight some of the toughest battles they will ever face. They work hard to raise funds to put on a show, then give a generous donation to the charity. The group also go into hospital wards and homes, dressed as children's favourite characters, and entertain as well as annual Christmas parties too. The award-winning group see themselves as so much more than putting on shows. They are Westend and Fringe theatre. They are events. They are a family.

If you would like to know more about the group please search for them on Facebook or ring 07870 911 029 / email: