General Election 2024

This website was established whilst I was an MP. From 30th May 2024 to 4th July 2024 there are no Members of Parliament due to the dissolution of Parliament and the General Election. I will not be standing again at the General Election. 

January Barking and Dagenham Post column

January Barking and Dagenham Post column

Jon Cruddas MP writes a monthly column in the Barking and Dagenham Post. This month Jon spoke about the upcoming vote on Article 50 in Parliament.

"There's been a lot of nonsense talked since last year's referendum from all political parties. In my opinion, talk of trying to slow down our exit from the EU or even stop it altogether is completely misplaced. The entire country had a referendum, everybody had a vote. The people were asked, and they answered.

"Now, most of us, including me, just want the Prime Minister to get on with it.

"The negotiations between us and the EU will be complicated and there's a lot to get right but I think we can be optimistic about the future. The Supreme Court ruling this week means that Theresa May has lost her ability to push a hard Brexit agenda unscrutinised. In the coming weeks Labour parliamentarians such as myself will be fighting to ensure that worker's rights, social, and environmental protections, and access to the single market are at the heart of our exit strategy.

"The Supreme Court have decreed that government legislation must be in place for Brexit to take place, this means that the details will come before the House of Commons for full scrutiny. I will be present at every stage of the Bill, and will ensure that my constituents get the best deal possible out of this process.

"When the final vote on Article 50 comes before parliament, on behalf of my constituents I will be voting to trigger the process that enables us to leave the European Union as laid out in the referendum."