Delivering the Beam Park Health Centre

Image of Jon
Delivering the Beam Park Health Centre

Jon Cruddas MP and the local Labour team, Trevor McKeever and Matt Stanton, have been pressing for the commitment to provide a new health centre on the Beam Park development be delivered.

Jon received confirmation on Thursday 17 March that the much needed facility is being delivered. The 1,500 square metre building has been constructed. The lease is now being agreed with the internal fit out of the health centre then to take place.

The plan is for the new health centre to be used for primary and community health care and to include a new GP practice. NHS North East London Clinical Commissioning Group state that the centre is expected to be open in Autumn 2023.

Jon said: “My team and I have stayed on top of this since the plans for Beam Park were first unveiled. Our position all along was that any development of this size needs to deliver the proper health, transport, and social infrastructure to support new and existing communities. This announcement is a welcome one, now we just have to convince the government to deliver Beam Park station.”

In the coming weeks and months Jon and the local Labour team will continue the campaign, demanding for the promised new station at Beam Park to be delivered.