CPZ Consultation

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CPZ Consultation

Jon Cruddas MP has recently been contacted by many concerned members of his constituency in regard to the upcoming proposed Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ). Many constituents are facing difficulty in submitting their objections or support online in regard to the proposal.

Below are the direct links to submit your thoughts on the scheme:

Eastbrook CPZ area S15: https://oneboroughvoice.lbbd.gov.uk/cpz-area-s15

Eastbrook CPZ area S20: https://oneboroughvoice.lbbd.gov.uk/cpz-area-s20

Heath CPZ area S8: https://oneboroughvoice.lbbd.gov.uk/cpz-area-s8

Marks Gate, Chadwell Heath CPZ area S10: https://oneboroughvoice.lbbd.gov.uk/cpz-area-s10

The deadline to submit any thoughts or objections is this Wednesday 02/11/2022.

Jon Cruddas MP: It is my job to make sure that I fully understand the views of local people and that appropriate action is taken to make sure they are fully represented. Residents must have their say.  I therefore encourage all my constituents who are eligible to have their say in the proposed Controlled Parking Zone scheme.”