Passive Close Issues Addressed

Passive Close
Passive Close Issues Addressed

Beam Park Labour campaigners, Matt Stanton and Trevor McKeever met with Clarion Housing Association at Passive Close Rainham to present residents' complaints.

Local residents had been in contact with Matt and Trevor to ask for help to get a number of long-standing problems resolved, such as overflowing refuse chambers, street cleaning, parking issues and service charges.

Matt and Trevor put these concerns to officials from the housing association and were promised that these would be addressed. During the meeting at Passive Close local residents joined in giving details of their experiences and asked the team to keep in touch, which they gladly agreed to do. 

Matt and Trevor said: “We were in the area recently speaking with residents and many were completely fed up with the refuse situation, and rightfully were questioning why they were paying such high service charges for so few services. To be fair Clarion have taken the concerns on board and will be addressing them, but it should not have got to this stage. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with local people to ensure Passive Close is properly maintained.”