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Beam Park Consultation

Beam Park Consultation

A revised application from Countryside Properties Plc and L&Q for the Beam Park development has been submitted following the original plan being rejected by Havering Council and subsequently this decision being called-in by the Mayor of London.

The initial plans were thrown out due to claims of overdevelopment, however there are suggestions that this was an electoral point scoring process as the conservative council were previously called out on their plans to build on over 120 hectares of green belt in the south of the borough.

The initial plans outlined a maximum height of nine storeys for flatted developments totalling 2,900 properties on the entire site which would include new railway station, two primary schools and leisure facilities.

The revised plans include an increase of storey height for seven of the blocks and a total increase of properties from 2,900 to 3,000. There is also a reduction of parking spaces and an increase in cycle storage spaces.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I'm urging residents to take part in the consultation. The Tories in Havering Town Hall threw out the initial plans on the basis of overdevelopment to try and shake their previous policies off just before the election. Now as a result we're left with plans to increase the size of the development. This is a perfect example of just how damaging the Tories U-Turns can be in our local area."

This revised application is open for public consultation, the period to submit comments runs until 6 September. Following this period the Deputy Mayor will consider the planning application and all representations at a public hearing to be held at City Hall.

You can read the plans and process here:

You can submit your comments either objection or support by emailing: