Barking and Dagenham Wins RSPCA PawPrint Award

Barking and Dagenham Wins RSPCA PawPrint Award

Jon Cruddas MP was recently contacted by the RSPCA to inform him of the fantastic work of Barking and Dagenham Council who have achieved the PawPrints Gold Contingency Planning Award.

This award focuses and celebrates the good practice by rewarding those organisations exceeding basic and statutory service requirements with the aim of achieving higher animal welfare standards.

PawPrints covers five areas of work: stray dog services, housing, contingency planning, kennelled dog and animal activity licensing. During the challenging eighteen months the continuation of demonstrating this level of commitment to animal welfare with all the other vital issues that need attention is outstanding.

Jon Cruddas has always been supportive of ensuring that the welfare standards of animals and the services that are provided to them are of the highest quality. Therefore, he is delighted that one of the local authorities he covers are the 2021 winners of this amazing award.

Jon said: “As a dog owner I have always been passionate about protecting animals, and I get contacted by constituents nearly every day asking for my support on environmental and animal welfare campaigns. To hear that Barking and Dagenham Council has won a PawPrints award for incorporating animal welfare standards into their contingency planning is fantastic. Well done to the staff that must have worked hard to achieve the honour.”

To get more information about the PawPrints Award and what is being done locally to improve animal welfare standards and how they are going beyond the basic service requirements please visit:

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