Help support your local foodbanks

Help support your local foodbanks

Jon works closely with all the foodbanks in the constituency including, Store City – operating out of Bethel Church and the Rainham food bank which is one of the Trussel Trusts 200 nationwide foodbanks. Jon Cruddas MP has previously spoken about the necessity of foodbanks and continues to help raise awareness of the growing problem of food poverty. Over 200,000 people are expected to turn to a foodbank for help this year. The projects operating in Dagenham and Rainham offer a proactive hand up to people who cannot even afford the basic essentials to survive. Rising living costs, job insecurity and benefit changes are making life tough for families.

Many local businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries produce a lot of food waste at the end of each working day. Local shops tend to throw out food that is past its sell by date or food that has not been used that day, this food is by no means unusable and can be put to much better use than lining the bins. Jon Cruddas MP with the support of his ever growing Volunteer Initiative are launching a campaign to help supply the local Foodbanks and decrease the amount of food waste in the constituency of Dagenham and Rainham (incorporating Elm Park and South Hornchurch).

The Plan

The idea is to approach local businesses and ask if; instead of throwing away their surplus useable food at the end of the day, or when it passes a ‘display until’ date they would be willing to donate it to the local foodbanks to be distributed to people who need it. Following this – members of Jons team will then report what businesses have agreed to the scheme back to Jons office on: 020 8984 7854. The details will then be passed on to the local foodbanks and arrangements can then be made to collect the donated products.

Jon Cruddas MP explains: “The reality is that many people in the local area are suffering as the governments failed economic approach continues to bite. We can all do our bit to help those in need by supporting our local foodbanks. These vital community based projects have helped to improve the quality of life for many people across the constituency and I applaud all their hard work. It is inspiring to see such a positive reaction to people in need.”

Becoming a part of the Volunteer Network

If you are not on Jons volunteer list and would like to register please call the office with your name, address, contact phone number and email address on: 020 8593 1555 alternatively you could email your details to:

You do not have to be part of Jons team to help with this worthwhile community project, just approach a local business and follow the guide above