Havering Cyclist Club

Jon Cruddas MP's team met with Jeff Stafford the secretary from the Havering Cyclists. Havering Cyclists represents one of thirty-three branches of the London Cycling Campaign. By joining this group, members are given third party insurance as a cyclist. Havering Cyclists work their hardest alongside Havering Council and Transport for London to make roads, traffic lights and highways safer for cyclists. This is greatly appreciated work given the increase of cyclists on the road since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Campaigns by Havering Cyclist

Jeff explained that he along with Havering Cyclists and the chairman for the London City Cycling Campaign, Terry Hughes, regularly meet with Havering Council to find out about upcoming plans which may affect cyclists. Their focus is to improve safe and quiet cycling routes between major centres and facilities across the borough. This kind of work is imperative following the tragic deaths of two cyclists in Marsh Way earlier this year.

Havering Cyclists was successful in winning a bid in 2017 for the Romford Ring Road to be "calmed" and made more appealing to walkers and cyclists whilst at the same time aiming to maintain traffic flow.

Currently, Havering Cyclists are applying pressure to Transport for London to make the A1306 roundabout in Rainham cycle friendly.

Doctor Bike

Havering Cyclists are also proud to partake in what they call "Doctor Bike". Doctor Bike is set up quite regularly at the Hornchurch County Park Visitors Centre and other venues. Doctor Bike is a free service where you can go with your bike to receive advice on broken bikes, tyre pumping, break adjusting and even literature from the London Cycling Campaign.

How to get involved

There are several available cycling clubs and cycling organisations that can be found on the Havering Cyclists website. Whether you have taken up cycling due to the pandemic, would like some cycling advice, or if you would like to partake in Havering Cyclists Clubs campaigns, all details can be found at their website. Cycling Clubs and Organisations – Havering Cyclists

Havering Cyclist Club