Havering Country Park Landfill Site


Havering CountryPark Landfill Site

Hornchurch Country Park

Conservative run Havering Council have taken an extremely disappointing decision to increase the landfill site on one of Havering’s last remaining large green spaces. Following the decision in November 2011 it is inevitable that this Country Park, with its great history, will now be home to a very sizable landfill site.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham

Jon Cruddas MP added: “In the last couple of weeks I have had countless letters and emails concerning Hornchurch Country Park and the proposed landfill site.”

“I want to reassure all residents not only in the local area but in the wider borough that I am completely against the plans to increase the site that already exists. The area is one of the few large green spaces remaining in the borough and as such we should be looking to preserve it, not increase the landfill site.”

“It is my understanding that this decision was taken in November last year and this means it will be virtually impossible to get Havering Council to change their minds. With this in mind we must continue to monitor and critically assess Havering Councils performance. This site must not have an adverse effect on the rest of the Country Park. It is an area enjoyed by many thousands each year and as such needs to be kept in the highest quality.”

“Once again I want to reiterate that I am completely against these proposals. However as the decision has already been taken all we are able to is ensure that the site meets all necessary guidelines and does not impact upon the rest of the park.”