Havering Council have launched their budget consultation asking residents to share their views on some of the savings proposals that would impact them.

The council currently have a budget gap of £4.26m in 2018/19, in which they say is due to the reduction in government grant funding, along with the increase and demand for housing, as well as the significant increase in the number of adults and children who require council services.

By 2020/21, central government will look to reform the system for funding local government which means local authorities will need to be self-sufficient.

Havering Council are consulting on proposals for savings across the five- year period of 2018/19 to 2022/23 which is said to create total savings of around £11m.

The full list of proposals can be found HERE where residents can also have their say.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “It is important that Havering residents have their say on the council’s proposals. With Local Government funding being cut each year, it is important that Havering Council fund their services correctly and fairly. With residents sharing their views on the budget consultation we can ensure that vital council services remain funded.”