Hands off our hospital

Here in Dagenham and Rainham the local NHS services are cherished. That's because above all else what matters to most of us is health and the health of those we love.However, following the recent CQC report Dagenham and Rainham still has major healthcare issues:- Queens is seriously overstretched and under pressure with funding problems for operations. These problems are reflected in the service members of the public are receiving.

The most resounding complaints regarding service at Queens are; large queues at A an E, cancelled appointments and increased waiting times for operations. This will put more pressure on Queens which is already struggling. At present Queens simply can't cope with the influx of patients from other areas. How can Queens be expected to cope with taking on extra services if it is not coping now? This is simply not good enough. The fact is we need more capacity locally in our health service.Please use the comment button below to let me know your thoughts, views and any experiences you have had with the local health service.