After several weeks of refurbishment, Saturday 04th October saw the grand opening of the Robert Jeyes Chadwell Heath Community Centre. The centre still has all the fantastic library facilities but with added services, bringing all aspects of the community into one place. New services include; an Active Age Centre, a Children's Centre, Green Shoes Arts will also be based in the Centre, along with food collection services to support the local food banks.

The grand opening was attended by The Mayor, Elizabeth Kangethe, Leader of the Council, Darren Rodwell and a number of local councillors and key members of the community. Local MP Jon Cruddas, who is also a trustee of the centre went to meet with Anne Estlea on Friday to have a look around.

Jon said: "It is fantastic to see something opening instead of closing in the borough, especially with a rising demand for public services and places where the local community can come together. Driven by Anne, the building has been through an amazing transformation and I have no doubt that with a dedicated team of volunteers behind her, she will go on to make the centre a key part of the Chadwell Heath community."

Saturday was well attended by the whole area and gave residents a taster of what to expect from the centre. There was singing, dancing, a memory map of the area for residents to fill in, and speeches from Anne, the Leader of the Council and The Mayor of Barking & Dagenham which were followed by a buffet for all the people who attended.