Google workshop event 03/05/2013


Last Friday Google held a workshop in Dagenham to help promote local business and train people how best to expand their businesses on the internet. Over 40 representatives from local businesses across Dagenham and Rainham came to the event to take advantage of the free advice and help on offer from Google’s experts.

Jon Cruddas MP who co-hosted the event said: “It was great to see so many businesses from across the constituency coming to take part in the event. I hope that people found it useful and informative and that the tips they picked up will help their businesses grow.”

Jon introduced the event and was followed by a Google Digital Marketing Guru who gave an insightful lecture on how to grow a business online using Google tools. Following this there was a selection of smaller sessions taking place around the room where people could take part and focus on certain areas that they wanted to build on.

The small workshops were broken down into three areas to help build businesses web presence.

  • How to build a website – or improve an existing site.
  • Understanding the analytics – drawing information about what people are most interested in on your site. The Google advisor also explained how useful tools such as Google AdWords work.
  • How to effectively use social media to promote your business.

Over the past few months Google have been taking their ‘Juice Bar’ across the country helping business owners harness new ‘e-skills’. By encouraging and supporting a variety of businesses to use the Internet effectively, from entrepreneurs and one-man-band start-ups, to larger companies, the workshop aims to improve the country’s Internet economy.

Currently the United Kingdom is world leading #1 in e-commerce. At present the UK’s internet economy generates £120bn per annum which makes up over 8% of the country’s GDP. With the current rate of growth Google predict that by 2016 e-commerce will make up 16% of the UK’s GDP per annum.

Jon Cruddas commented: “It is encouraging to see local businesses looking to expand into e-commerce. With the rate of growth steadily increasing nationally this could provide a vital boost for the local economy.”