Free Drop-in Clinic To Be Available To Local Residents

Free Drop-in Clinic To Be Available To Local Residents

Jon Cruddas MP has recently been contacted regarding an upcoming drop-in clinic session. The clinic sessions will make local doctors available for the residents of Dagenham and Rainham to see, without the need for an appointment. As well as offering the advantage of avoiding the morning rush to get a GP appointment, the clinic offer a range of services, not just purely medical.

The services offered include blood pressure checks, talking therapy referrals, healthy lifestyle support and COVID and flu vaccinations as well as wider well-being services such as job advice and cost of living advice.

These clinical services are being offered as part of a multi-organisational effort. Jon Cruddas praised the services involved, saying “Seeing so many organisations coming together to deliver these vital services to our constituents will no doubt be a great help to those who may struggle to access them usually.”

The next clinic is being held on Friday 1st December from 12pm-5pm at Dagenham Learning Centre, 1 Church Elm Lane RM10 9QS.