Fly Tipping Cleared in Upminster Road South

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 05:00
Fly Tipping Cleared in Upminster Road South

Rainham has become target to large-scale fly-tipping of industrial waste and house hold waste for many years now. Jon Cruddas MP has been continuously fighting alongside residents to tackle fly-tipping in the area. Unfortunately, Council's will not clear fly-tipping on private land but will clear fly-tipping from public land; this includes local roads and pavements, car parks, public footpaths and other council owned property.

Jon Cruddas MP's team was out in Rainham and Wennington Ward last week when they spotted fly-tipping located in a public car park next to Village Spice Restaurant on Upminster Road South. Jon immediately reported this to Havering Council and the waste was removed promptly.

If you are aware of any incidents of fly-tipping in Rainham, South Hornchurch or Elm Park please either contact Jon Cruddas MP on 0208 984 7854 / or Havering Council on 01708 434343 / if it's between the hours of 5pm-9am on weekdays or weekends 01708 433999.