Fixing the Cladding Issue at Orchard Village

Jon speaking
Wed, 03/23/2022 - 11:40
Fixing the Cladding Issue at Orchard Village

Jon Cruddas MP received confirmation from Clarion, the housing association that owns and manages Orchard Village in south Hornchurch, of their plans to deal with fire safety issues on the estate.

Clarion are engaging a specialist contractor to remove cladding and other potentially flammable materials from the external areas of the apartment block buildings on Orchard Village. The work is planned to commence in July and may take up to two years to fully complete.

Jon said: “Ever since the tragedy of the fire at Grenfell Tower I have been in regular contact with the senior management at Clarion to ensure that the fire safety works take place at Orchard Village. I am pleased that Clarion have responded positively to my requests and in particular that they have agreed to not recharge the cost of the works to leaseholders and tenants.

"The cladding scandal was the responsibility of the manufacturers of the materials and the developers of the buildings, the residents are completely blameless. This has been something that has been hanging over the heads of leaseholders and now now they can rest assured.“