This week the campaign to save Dagenham Police Station continues into its third month as the petition launched by Jon Cruddas MP gains over 2,500 signatures. The campaign which has gained mounting support from the public, has also seen the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council jump to the police stations defence.

The petition will now run until September 21st sign HERE

Earlier in August Council Leader Darren Rodwell wrote to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan outlining the need for more police resources across the local area, not less. The Mayor responded to both Councillor Rodwell and Jon Cruddas explaining that ‘the proposed closure of police stations is not a decision that' he has ‘taken lightly'.

Jon said: "There is an overwhelming sense of feeling in the community that if we lose this vital asset, it will have a negative impact on crime levels locally. Taking into consideration the changing nature of crime, with increased acid attacks, moped related incidents, and other violent crime; now is not the time to be making cutbacks to our police."

In a bid to dissuade this ‘decision' Jon Cruddas MP will be handing in the petition alongside his formal consultation submission. The MOPAC consultation on the proposed closures is running until the start of October. The petition is now running until September 21st and Jon Cruddas is urging residents to sign HERE

Petition packs are also available to be sent out so that residents can collect signatures down their street. There are currently over 30 petitions in circulation. If you would like a petition pack sent out to you please email or phone 020 8984 7854 with your name and full postal address.

Jon concluded: "it was people power that saved the police station back in 2013, and if the community pulls together we can do it again. It is great to have the support of the Leader of the Council, and in the coming weeks we will both be meeting with Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden to discuss the matter further."