On Thursday 16th August the Planning Committee at Havering Council will decide the fate of Dover’s Green, a cherished community space in the heart of South Hornchurch. This is the third time a developer has attempted to concrete over the area at the behest of Havering Council, and the third time that the community has come together with the support of Jon Cruddas MP to oppose the plans.

On Thursday 16th August there will be a protest outside Havering Town Hall from 6:45pm prior to the Planning Committee meeting. During the consultation period the council received 78 individual objections to the plans including that of Jon Cruddas MP. Alongside Jon’s objection the local MP also sent out an open letter calling on the community to make their voices heard.

Jon Cruddas commented: “the Tories in the town hall seem hell bent on concreting over this community asset. It beggar’s belief that despite plans to build 3,000 homes across the road on Beam Park, that the council would expend so much energy on fighting the community to develop Dover’s Green.

“The fact that 78 objections have been received when 99 properties were consulted by the council shows the strength of feeling on this issue. I have been with the residents since the first planning application and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the community in their fight.”

At the beginning of the year the council spent in excess of £100,000 in legal costs to reject an application made by residents to protect the land for future generations. Jon Cruddas MP raised this ahead of the local elections in May in which the Tories pledged to protect green land and ‘keep Havering special’. This planning application was submitted just eight weeks following that election.

Jon added: “The Tory council have made their intentions abundantly clear regarding Dover’s Green. I hope that there is a good turnout at Havering Town Hall next Thursday. If this green disappears I fear it will set a precedent that would endanger other cherished green spaces in the south of Havering.”

You can help raise awareness on social media by tweeting @LBofHavering using #SaveOurGreen