At the beginning of January 2019 Jon Cruddas MP met with bosses at C2C/Trenitalia. Communication between both the MP and the train company has always been fantastic, with many positive outcomes over the past few years.

This month's meeting concentrated on performance overview, fair prices and capacity. In December 2018 C2C recorded a 97.6% Public Performance Measure, including a run of 1,450 consecutive trains that arrived on time – a national record. This accumulates to three and a half days of no delays. Their annual performance is at 93.8% which makes them the best commuter service in London.

C2C addressed the key causes of recent delays with their partners and have took appropriate measures to tackle the problem. They have reduced self-caused delays, including recruiting more drivers to reduce overtime dependency, plus upgrading platform dispatch equipment.

With a 2% rise in passengers across the service, the Grays route which passes through Rainham, Dagenham Dock and Barking, operates at maximum capacity during peaks, so still susceptible to minor delays resulting in significant knock-on disruption.

Prices for Rainham customers travelling on Oyster/contactless Pay-As-You-Go fares were frozen in line with The Mayor of London's policy, so the national increase in train fairs has not affected Rainham residents.

Although the increase of housing along the Thames (including Rainham, Dagenham and Barking) accumulates to twenty per cent, C2C are looking to update their train lines which will also free twenty per cent, balancing out the demand.

Sixty new carriages will be arriving in 2021 which are British-built Bombardier in Derby. This will add an extra twenty per cent more seats to C2C's current fleet. The carriages are looking to arrive in the summer of 2021 and will consist of six 10 car trains. These trains will more than likely be placed along the Tilbury line as this is the line showing most need, this will also benefit Rainham.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "Another successful meeting with our friends at C2C/Trenitalia. The next few years will see demands rise on the service, but I am confident that the company have prepared fully for the task ahead."