During this time of economic uncertainty yesterday the government recognised the need to suspend all eviction proceedings throughout the crisis. As of today, the court service will suspend all ongoing housing possession action – this means that neither cases currently in, or about to go into the system can progress to eviction.

Leading Housing and Homelessness Charity Shelter commented: "The Housing Secretary's change of approach last night, means that we at Shelter are now confident there is a full ban on all eviction proceedings, giving much needed protection to both social and private renters at this critical time. We have thanked the Secretary of State for this decision."

The government stated: "This suspension of housing possessions action will initially last for 90 days, but this can be extended if needed. This measure will protect all private and social renters, as well as those with mortgages and those with licenses covered by the Protection from Eviction Act 1977."

There has also been an announcement today that local authorities must house all rough sleepers by the end of the coming weekend. This will be supported by central government.

Jon Cruddas MP added: "policy is changing daily to keep up with the Covid-19 crisis. After some coaxing the government has stepped up in some areas but there is still some way to go. Today I signed a letter calling for chartered flights to bring home British nationals stranded abroad, and yesterday I backed a call to support British citizens with no recourse to public funds during this period of uncertainty."