Every One Every Day, a charitable organisation leading a ground-breaking social and participatory project across Barking and Dagenham, has moved online to support those in self-isolation and the vulnerable who are staying indoors during this time of crisis. 

On Friday 13 March the project closed its warehouse and five shops across the borough and established an online community for skills sharing, participation and well-being. You can join the community here: https://members.weareeveryone.org/feed 

The organisation has explained that “both the prospect and reality of staying isolated for the coming weeks and months throws up many other health issues, not directly related to the coronavirus.” The idea behind the new online neighbourhood is to fight against loneliness and to ensure that our community across Barking and Dagenham is still connected in a positive way.

Today they held an online ‘tea and toast’ session, and there are plans for quarantine chats, cooking, planting, making, and creating all via the platform.

Jon Cruddas MP who has supported Every One Every Day since it started explained: “at a time when many will feel disconnected and potentially alone, initiatives like this which seek to maintain a sense of community between neighbours are vital. For the time-being whilst we cannot be with family and friends in person, existing technology and new online tools have a big role to play.”

The functionality of the new Every One Every Day platform will allow people to start ‘Helping and Sharing Teams’ that act like individual networks, with their own members, their own information feeds and blog posts. The plan is to support dozens of such teams being established through the website in the coming weeks.

In a recent communication the organisation stated: “We intend to start many new street level projects that connect and support residents, but which also spark people’s interest and creativity in their own homes, helping to keep them optimistic and engaged in learning by fostering the friendship we do through our spaces, now working online.”

Join your neighbourhood online here: https://members.weareeveryone.org/