Essex & Suffolk Water is bringing its new water saving campaign, Every Drop Counts, to Barking and Dagenham. 

Essex & Suffolk Water is passionate about promoting the efficient use of water to help protect the environment for future generations. As the summer arrives in the UK and the weather improves, it is all the more important to conserve water, and this initiative can help.

‘Every Drop Counts’ is a water saving campaign with the mission of reducing water consumption, conserving energy, and saving money. The campaign began in April and is estimated to end in September of 2018. They are offering households in Barking the opportunity to receive a free home water and energy saving visit worth 130 pounds. They are offering this deal to Barking residents to support the local community and make Barking more sustainable and resilient.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham commented: “This is a fantastic initiative and I am encouraging local residents to sign up. Essex and Suffolk Water have plans to extend this campaign into Dagenham over the next year, and not only will this help save water, it will also help people save money.”

The company will also be holding workshops and community events to teach people about the importance of conserving water.

You can sign up for a free visit by calling 0800 369 9933 or by emailing

Find out more about ‘Every Drop Counts’ HERE