For a limited time, households across Britain can have cavity wall and loft insulation installed for free by E.ON, regardless of whether E.ON is their energy supplier.

The insulation, which would usually cost around £775, is being offered for free to all homeowners, landlords and private tenants who have their landlord’s permission.

A typical family home could save up to £285 a year on their heating bills by installing both cavity wall and loft insulation, meaning people who take up the offer could save a total of more than £1,000.

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK’s Chief Executive, said: “In recent years we’ve provided more than 1.2 million energy saving measures to homes across Britain, giving people the support they need to become more energy efficient and to save money on their heating bills.

“We’ve offered free insulation to people on qualifying benefits for many years as part of our government obligations and we know insulation is a crucial first step in making our homes more comfortable and cheaper to run.

“By opening the offer up to everyone, no matter who supplies their energy or what their financial circumstances are, we hope that many more people can benefit. But this offer won’t be available forever so we’d urge anyone who’s interested to get in touch now to avoid missing out.”

Almost a third of all heat lost in the home escapes through walls and a quarter through the roof in an uninsulated home.

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