The Environment Agency: New interactive services

Winter is on our doorstep and the weather is starting to turn. With a particularly bad winter expected this year there are over 3000 properties in Dagenham and Rainham at risk of flooding. This is a serious issue and to help raise awareness and keep people updated The Environment Agency has launched a new service. The service allows you to view an interactive map of England and Wales highlighting all the areas currently affected by flood alerts.

The service was launched in spring 2012 and over 3330 people have signed up to the service to date. The service was initially set up on Facebook but has now been made available to non Facebook users via The Environment Agencies website.

Follow this link to view the new interactive flood map:

The new FloodAlerts map allows you to zoom in and out or choose an aerial photography layer to see exactly which areas could be at risk of flooding at any given time. By clicking on a flood alert symbol, you can also see full details of the area affected. The service is updated every 15 minutes so it will always show the current situation.

You can also access the interactive flood map via The Environment Agencies Facebook page: