Elevate Her UK- Don't Get Finessed

Elevate Her UK
Elevate Her UK- Don't Get Finessed

Jon Cruddas MP was recently contacted in regard to a new documentary by Elevate Her UK. 

Elevate Her UK is a non-profit organisation that mainly provides support to vulnerable teenage girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their services include:

  • One to one/group mentoring

  • Skill based empowerment workshops

  • Outreach sessions

  • Youth safety awareness

“Don’t Get Finessed” is a campaign run by Elevate Her UK to raise awareness and safeguard young people from financial exploitation as well as influencing policy changes.

Young people are targeted via social media whether that be snapchat, facebook, Instagram or through online gaming. It can also occur in person. Often, people do not realise they have been financially exploited until it is too late.

The documentary by Elevate Her UK explains how easy it is to be financially exploited or to become a financial “mule”. You can view the documentary here: https://youtu.be/vommRXxF5A8?si=AX5JRwFpG6r9Fn9_ 

Jon Cruddas MP: "In the age of social media, there has been a significant increase in bullying, harassment and exploitation. I applaud the work of Elevate Her UK in helping protect our young people against this. Raising awareness is key and I would encourage all my constituents to watch and share the documentary"