In the last few days volunteers have delivered surveys to half of the Eastbrook area, and they are being returned to Jon Cruddas MP in the hundreds. The survey was a response to rumours surrounding the possible development of land at the May and Baker Community Club. The consultation survey asks what residents think about the future of Dagenham East in terms of job creation and economic stability.

Jon commented: “It is clear from the multitude of responses that local residents want to talk about this. There is a lot of debate about who owns the land, and whether it is part of the Sanofi regeneration site – which is causing confusion that could have been avoided if the suggested plans had gone down the proper consultation channels. Any developments that stand to affect the local area should have the buy in of local residents, which is why I am organising an official consultation meeting. As with the survey, I want to know what residents think.”

The consultation meeting will be held at the May and Baker Community Club on Wednesday 2nd December at 7.30pm. Jon Cruddas MP and the local councillors of both Eastbrook, and Village ward are urging residents to attend the meeting and have their say. The meeting will be an opportunity to find out the facts from the trustees of the club, and the council.

Jon Cruddas said: “As the Member of Parliament for the area it is my job to represent the residents. However I don’t want to prompt knee jerk reactions from the community on this, which is why I am calling the meeting, so that we can have a full discussion. This isn’t just about the future of Dagenham East, it is about the future of local democracy.”