*Eastbrook consultation meeting postponed*

Due to the parliamentary debate and vote concerning extending airstrikes to Syria, the meeting regarding the possible development of a mosque at the May & Baker Community Club will now be postponed. The vote will take place on Wednesday and is a matter of national security, meaning that it is vital for all MP's to be in attendance.

It is likely that the public meeting will now take place early in January, but Jon's office will keep residents informed with any updates. In the meantime if anyone has any queries they can contact via email: cruddasj@hotmail.com

When asked about the Syria vote Jon commented: "Whether or not to support airstrikes is not straightforward. Last week Mr Cameron made some strong arguments in favour- to show support for the French given the recent atrocities and the threat that the ISIS death cult poses to us all. However, I am not convinced that the airstrikes would weaken ISIS without ground forces- and I am not convinced about the supposed 70,000 rebel fighters on the ground. I also fail to understand where this leaves deposing President Assad- something that has to be done for long term stability.

"Finally the strategy of the government would do nothing to resolve the problem of homegrown jihadist elements here in the UK- and arguably could make the situation worse. Overall therefore I am not convinced that the government strategy would help in the fight against ISIS- a fight we have to win."