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Dovers Green - 'Village Green' Status Refused

Dovers Green - 'Village Green' Status Refused

This week the residents of Dovers Farm Estate Green received the result of last month's hearing regarding their ?Village Green' application to protect their community green.

The residents have fought off two attempts to develop the green in recent years with the help of Jon Cruddas MP, the first proposal came from Havering Council themselves and the second by a private developer.

Since then Jon Cruddas and his team in South Hornchurch have worked alongside the community to apply for ?Village Green' status ? the only objector to this application was Havering Council. There was a hearing in January to decide whether protected status would be granted for the 68 year old community asset, or refused.

The council brought in legal experts to fight the case being put forward by the residents, and this week the ?Village Green' application was refused.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "After two attempts to develop Dovers Green which were fought off by the community, the residents sought to protect the land by applying for ?Village Green' status. Something I supported. Havering Council were the only objectors to the application, and after bringing in legal experts they won.

"This wasn't the result we were looking for, but it was something we anticipated. The land remains unprotected, and open to development proposals, but this is far from over. Prior to the hearing I worked alongside some of the key members of the community to secure pro-bono legal support for what comes next.

"This isn't just about a patch of grass; the community are prepared to fight this decision every step of the way, and I stand with them 100 per cent. In the coming weeks my action team in the area will be meeting with residents to establish a basis for judicial review.

"Havering Council just launched their strategic plan for the borough, which outlines that they will protect green land in the area. Their actions tell a different story, and if this community asset becomes another casualty of overdevelopment I fear it could set a precedent for the rest of Havering."