On the 30th June 2017 Woolbro Homes, which hoped to develop 30 two and three-bed houses on Dovers Green in South Hornchurch, withdrew its application. This is fantastic news for the residents surrounding Dovers Green and is proof of what can be accomplished when the community comes together.

This is the second planning application to be fought off, with the first appearing in 2015. Dovers Green is a space in which residents of neighbouring roads such as New Zealand Way and Gisborne and Queenstown Garden's enjoy the green area with their families and neighbours. The Dovers Farm Estate Green Committee hold community fun days on the green for the people of Rainham, one of which Jon Cruddas was delighted to attend on Sunday 9th of July in which they took the opportunity to celebrate the withdrawal of the planning application.

The next stop is to ensure that the residents' bid to secure Village Green status gets the support of the council to insure preservation to this vital part of our community.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham said:

"I really want to pay a massive tribute to the residents' who came together as one to defend Dovers Green; to protest outside the Town Hall and to lobby like hell to make sure councillors got the message. First class job! I will continue to work alongside the residents of South Hornchurch to ensure Village Green status and make sure that the village green is a place families and neighbours can enjoy for many more years."