In October 2012, the National Dementia Action Alliance (NDAA) launched the Right Care: a call to action initiative to create dementia-friendly hospitals. All acute trusts in England were asked to make a public commitment to become a dementia-friendly hospital and work in partnership with the NDAA to achieve this.

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter was launched in 2015 as the second phase of the Right Care initiative. The charter outlines the high-level principles that a dementia-friendly hospital should provide, together with notes for self-assessment and recommended actions they could take to fulfil them.

115 acute hospital trusts in England have signed up to the charter with the aim of implementing the principles within their hospitals. In February 2018, a further opportunity was provided for the remaining acute trusts in England to sign up to the charter.

On Monday 03 September 2018, The National Dementia Action Alliance Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter, was relaunched with a revised 2018 edition. The new edition has been refreshed to include a volunteering element. Topics such as ‘Person-centred dementia care: Are we there yet?' and ‘volunteering in health and care' were discussed as well as ‘looking into the future of dementia care' and ‘perspectives from a person living with dementia and a carer.'

Jon Cruddas MP said: "Dementia Ambassador Janis Cottee lives in the Dagenham and Rainham constituency and attends events such as the one above. It is through her that I hear the wonderful work that happens across the board for those living with dementia."

"I applaud and support the NDAA in their continuous work championing the initiative to create dementia-friendly hospitals. The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter is clearly a huge success, with 115 acute hospital trusts in England signing up. I hope the remaining acute hospital trusts take on other opportunities that have been provided for them to join also."