Fay Hough, Havering Coordinator for Jon Cruddas MP, attended a meeting on Tuesday 4th December 2018 regarding ongoing issues in Wennington Village. One of the issues raised was the notorious fly tipping happening on a weekly basis down East Hall Lane that has caused huge amounts of stress to residents who use this lane daily. Alongside the issue of fly tipping, concerns were raised regarding the general cleanliness of Wennington. Less than twenty-four hours after the meeting a response was issued.

Within the response, it was noted that East Hall Lane will be visited in the next week to remove all fly tipping. A deep clean of Wennington Village has also been arranged for next week after residents and Jon Cruddas MP raised concerns. The Supervisor for this area who works for Havering Council will visit Wennington on completion of the work to carry out and inspection, and thereafter will visit the area on a weekly basis. 

Jon will continue to support residents in Wennington Village and thanks them for raising the issue.