Dagenham Heathway Post Office

For the past couple of months local residents in Dagenham have voiced their concerns over the fate of the Post Office at Dagenham Heathway. This is one of the very few centres in the borough still owned outright by the Post Office.

It has been rumoured that the Post Office are looking for a retail partner to take over the branch. This could well put the quality of service and the staff that provide it at risk.

The branch is well used, with many local residents passing through its doors every day.

Bosses have previously stated that none of the 15 staff members' jobs would be at risk but Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham and Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council, Liam Smith are seeking reassurances from the central Post Office.

Last Friday Jon Cruddas MP attended a small Communication Workers Union (CWU) protest outside the Post Office to show his support for the staff who work at the Dagenham Heathway branch. Three local ward councillors also attended the event in support of the staff.

Union reps have said that a petition is currently being raised to support the worker's who are fighting against the possibility of future job losses at the branch.

So far it looks like the most possible outcome is that the branch will be sold to a private company and franchised.