Ford’s three-millionth UK-built small-capacity diesel engine has rolled off the line at Ford’s state-of-the-art manufacturing centre at Dagenham. Low-carbon diesel engines have been built at the Dagenham Diesel Centre plant for a variety of models across the Ford range, and for other manufacturers, since production started in May 2007.

Ford marked 30 years of the diesel-engined Ford Fiesta in May 2014 and all generations of the model, spanning three decades, have been powered by Dagenham-built engines. Last year, more than 76,000 Ford vehicles sold in the UK were fitted with Ford’s small-capacity diesel engine, accounting for around 20 per cent of all Ford cars and commercial vehicles sold through 2013.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham & Rainham commented: “Dagenham has a proud history with Ford and looking forward I hope our local manufacturing industry will continue to grow. We have already seen more investment with the recent announcement of the Panther Engine being produced in Dagenham later this year. The dedication to produce low-carbon diesel engines is in keeping with the green approach at Dagenham Ford, which currently has the largest wind farm in London.

“The factory continues to produce local jobs as well as engines, and they are currently recruiting for 250 new jobs in the first wave of production on the Panther Engine.”

Martin Everitt, Dagenham Engine Plant manager, said: “This milestone demonstrates the strong demand for clean, powerful, yet economical, small-capacity diesel engines. This is set to grow further when we introduce the new Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo models, both of which will be available with this low-carbon diesel engine.”