Today Jon Cruddas MP launched his public consultation of Eastbrook Ward, to find out what people think of recent proposals to build a mosque on the May and Baker Community Club land, next to the Sanofi regeneration site. In the most recent discussions with the trustees a prayer room in the community club has been alluded to rather than the initial plans for a mosque. However, a final decision has not yet been made on the future of the site. As with all developments in the local area Jon wants to know what the local residents think.

Volunteers began distributing the survey today, which residents can fill in and return at no cost to themselves.

The survey poses these questions about the future of Dagenham East:

  1. Do you think job creation and economic stability should be a priority for Dagenham East?
  2. Do you think the organisations involved should continue to pursue business investment for the site?
  3. Do you think that the site would be better put to use providing jobs for local people over a place of worship of any denomination?

As previously outlined, the site in question, although not on the Sanofi land, still has a role to play in the wider economic development project for Dagenham East.

In the coming weeks Jon Cruddas MP, along with local councillors Mick McCarthy and Tony Ramsay will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposals with local residents. If you would like to contact Jon's office regarding this issue or any other please email:

The details of the public meeting will be published on Jon's website and all local residents will receive an invite.