Dan from Dagenham Boxing Club

Last week, Jon Cruddas MP's team met with Dan O'Sullivan the Honorary Secretary for Dagenham Boxing Club. Dagenham Boxing Club is a non-profit, voluntary organisation which is dedicated to young people in the local community. The club is made up of 24 coaches and has been running for 69 years. The club has had national champions at all levels and have trained big names such as Lawrence Okolie for the 2016 Olympic Games or Billy Adams who is a three-time national champion.

Campaigns by Dagenham Boxing Club

Dagenham Boxing club has consistently upheld relationships with local police, local authorities, and local schools. Their aim is to develop every child to their maximum potential and help raise young people's confidence levels. The boxing club frequently works with pupil referral units from local schools, only allowing those who display good behaviour, commitment, and attendance to participate within the boxing club. This is a great idea to help improve attendance at local schools. The club is supported greatly by parents of children who attend.

The latest campaign by Dagenham Boxing Club is known as "Work Out to Help Out". Like the "Eat Out to Help Out" scheme, Dagenham Boxing Club is calling on the Government to recognise the importance of gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and swimming pools in empowering people to look after their health. The aim is to make sure gyms open first as lockdown comes to an end and there have also been calls for the Government to help fund the "Work Out to Help Out" scheme. The petition has already received over two hundred thousand signatures. If you are interested in signing the petition, or would like more information, please click the following link: Open gyms first as we come out of lockdown & fund a Work Out to Help Out scheme - Petitions (parliament.uk)

Opportunities within the club

Dagenham Boxing Club runs 7 main classes a week. Most of these classes are after the time of 4pm. Before Covid-19 the club had 250 young people a week in attendance. The club is full of dedicated volunteers to lead and coach young people. This includes John O'Brien who has coached for over 40 years and was formally professional boxer Nigel Benn's coach.

The club travels all over the world to try and give their boxers every opportunity possible. They also hold regular Committee meetings offering opportunities for volunteers to help the club achieve their goal of providing a world class facility.

A recent full refurbishment of the club means the facilities are now fit for purpose and are of top-quality specification. Careful consideration has gone into constantly developing the right kit, equipment and support tailored with some of the best Coaches in the country.

How to get involved

If you would like to get involved with Dagenham Boxing Club, whether it is to volunteer, or to attend classes yourself, please find more information below.

Website: Dagenham (P & C) B.C (warriorboxing.com)

Facebook Page: Dagenham Amateur Boxing Club - #DaggersBoxing | Facebook