Jon Cruddas MP, Member of Parliament for Dagenham and Rainham Incorporating South Hornchurch and Elm Park, has been liaising with residents and local police to deal with a number of concerns in Rainham and South Hornchurch.

Jon Cruddas MP has heard from Havering Borough Metropolitan Police that they are proactively investigating a number of problems.

In Orchard Village, Rainham the police are working in partnership with the local community to identify youths gathering in the area. Motor vehicle crime has decreased on the South Hornchurch/Dagenham border after a number of arrests were made. The police presence in Southend Road, Rainham has also been stepped up to respond to residents’ concerns.

Jon Cruddas MP commented “It’s great to see the local police in Rainham proactively responding to issues that I raised with them and getting results. I hope residents in Rainham feel the difference knowing that when the police and the local community work together, we can really get positive results.”

If you have any concerns about crime in your local area, please call Jon Cruddas MP’s office on 020 8984 7854.