CQC report reveals that Queens Hospital is still failing to meet targets

The latest CQC report on services at Queens Hospital has now been released. The report highlights vast improvements in maternity services at the Romford based hospital. This news comes following the last CQC report in December which showed that care standards were below average and there were too few Midwives to deal with the volumes of maternity patients.

The new report now confirms that every single woman receives one-to-one care in labour. It also confirmed that Queens Hospital has 321 midwives, allowing it to maintain a Midwife to birth ratio that is better than the target for London. On a recent visit to Queens local MP Jon Cruddas was shown round the new maternity facilities and met with Averil Dongworth the chief executive of the local NHS trust. These improvements are to be very much welcomed.

Jon Cruddas – who has been leading an extended campaign for improved healthcare provisions in the local area - was "disappointed" with the results of the latest report concerning Accident and Emergency. The A and E department is designed to deal with 90,000 patients a year but numbers are reaching as high as 132,000. Averil Dongworth the chief executive of the local NHS trust explained that "Dealing with this volume of patients is hugely challenging, and requires a joined up approach to ensure the Trust is supported by services in the community."

Some of the issues raised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report were:

  • Long waiting times in Accident and Emergency

  • Patients being nursed on trolleys, due to a lack of available beds

  • A and E is understaffed in relation to the influx of patients
  • A lack of personal washing and storage facilities

The report shows that the A and E department is currently providing an unacceptably poor level of service in many cases. Many local residents that have used services at Queens have brought their concerns to the attention of Jon Cruddas especially complaints regarding large queues at A and E, cancelled appointments and increased waiting times for operations.

In light of the recent report Jon has arranged to meet with the chairs of both Havering Council and Barking and Dagenham Council's Health and Wellbeing boards.

Jon Cruddas MP commented:

"As a local MP it is of major concern that whilst maternity services have seen a dramatic improvement the same cannot be said for A and E. There is growing pressure on the facility. I am currently consulting with Andy Burnham MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health and can confirm that I have contacted the Minister for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP regarding the situation here in Barking and Dagenham.

"We must have urgent action to sort this out in the coming weeks and months. We have to learn from what has worked on the maternity front and sort out the A and E facility. However the fact is that we need more investment and capacity in our local health service. This latest CQC report highlights that services at Queens Hospital are vastly overstretched and unless improvements are made that is set to worsen due to the cutbacks in King George maternity and A and E units, St. Georges inpatient facilities and local clinics."