The most recent Intelligent Monitoring Report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has revealed that the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust is still struggling to hit targets. Following an inspection by the CQC, these hospitals have been determined to be at risk for several indicators of poor care.

The hospitals under the BHRUT have higher than average rates of in-hospital mortalities from infectious diseases and lower than average results for stroke patients. The report also included a patient survey of their overall experience in hospital, which shows that patients feel they are provided with inadequate emotional support during difficult times. Patients not yet in hospital face their own challenges, as the hospitals rarely manage to see patients within the 18-week referral window allowed by the NHS. Many patients who need to see a specialist have to wait months in deteriorating conditions before they are able to begin treatment.

In keeping with their feelings on in-hospital care, patients did not have many positive things to say about the state of the A&E, either. Patients reported a lack of confidence in the staff examining them, too little privacy, trouble getting help from hospital staff, and a lack of moral support from the A&E staff. Further, the hospitals are still failing to hit the 4 hour A&E waiting time target set by the NHS, leaving patients to spend hours waiting to see a doctor who can help them.

Jon Cruddas MP has looked over the results of this report and is determined to improve the local health service for his constituents: "I can't say I am surprised with the recent results, this Tory-led government are hacking away at services, and cutting frontline staff across the country – and it is having a clear effect on our NHS. The fact of the matter is that our hospitals and care facilities are understaffed and overstretched. With massive funding cuts to GP's surgeries, more and more people are having to turn to A&E departments which aren't equipped to deal with the numbers. Our NHS needs more investment and I will continue my campaign to try and secure the best care possible for my residents."

The NHS Trust report can be read in full by clicking HERE