From the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (19.03.2020)

“This is an extraordinary time for our city, our country and the entire world. We’re in the middle of the biggest health, economic and social crisis since the Second World War. While we are only at the beginning of the process of dealing with coronavirus, it is already clear that we will be living with the fallout and implications for many years to come.

“As I’ve said from the very beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s essential that we act in accordance with the best medical and scientific advice. That’s why I support the various decisions to introduce the new measures this week as part of our efforts to slow down the spread of the virus. These mean that:

    • - Anyone who lives with someone who has a continuous cough, or a temperature should stay at home for 14 days. 
    • - Londoners should work from home if they possibly can. 
    • - Everyone should halt non-essential contact with others and stop all unnecessary travel. That means not going to pubs, clubs, restaurants or other people’s homes. 
    • - Mass gatherings should not happen. 
    • - In particular, those who are over 70, those who are pregnant or those who have a significant health condition should limit contact with others. 
    • - Those who are most at threat – with the most serious underlying conditions – should expect the NHS to be in touch shortly, to outlines special measures that they will need to take to protect themselves – including being shielded from the wider population for a potential 12 weeks. 
    • - The Government has ordered schools to close to the majority of pupils at the end of the day on Friday, but the most vulnerable children and those of key workers will be able to continue attending.

“All Londoners must follow the advice that applies to them – and I would urge you to share this advice as far and wide as possible. You can find the latest advice and how it applies to you HERE 

“Please do not phone 111 unless your situation is deteriorating. We’re clearly still in the early phase of this crisis, which means the Government’s experts will need to introduce further measures at the point at which they will have the biggest effect. I can assure Londoners that this is under constant review.”