This week, Havering Council announced their decision to close Chafford Sports Complex in Rainham by June 1st, 2019. The sports centre currently owned by Harris Academy (formerly Chafford School) but run by Havering’s ‘Everyone Active,’ went under an eight-week consultation in October 2018 in which residents were asked to have their say on the possible closure.

Jon has been involved in this issue since 2013 – fighting to retain the facilities. After years of work and consultation, despite resident’s opposition, the council have taken the decision to close the leisure centre due to ‘lack of funding.’

The Chafford Sports Complex is in the heart of Rainham’s community and is used daily by residents not only in Rainham but across Havering for various sports sessions. Jon Cruddas MP has received emails from Rainham residents expressing their upset that the complex will close and vows to continue fighting with residents to ensure new leisure facilities are delivered in the south of the borough.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “The south of the borough continues to get a raw deal from Havering Council. This is a poor decision and yet another swipe at South Havering. It’s about time the council invest in the area and listen to residents."

In a Romford Record press release dated the 18th of March, Havering Council’s cabinet member for culture and leisure is quoted saying: “Local residents can also use our other facilities like those in Hornchurch or Sapphire until a new leisure centre is built in the south of the borough.”

Jon added: “I have contacted Havering Council and the cabinet member requesting a timeline for when new leisure facilities will be delivered in the south of the borough.”

Jon Cruddas MP is in favour of keeping open Chafford Sports Centre until new leisure facilities are provided for residents.

This closure will make health and leisure facilities less accessible for residents of Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park and could have implications on health and fitness.