General Election 2024

This website was established whilst I was an MP. From 30th May 2024 to 4th July 2024 there are no Members of Parliament due to the dissolution of Parliament and the General Election. I will not be standing again at the General Election. 

Corbets Tey @ The Avelon

Corbets Tey @ The Avelon

On Thursday 1st of December Jon Cruddas MP and Havering Coordinator Fay Hough visited ?Corbets Tey @ The Avelon' to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This new post 16 provision has only been open since September 2016 and is based at The Avelon Centre in Rainham.

Corbets Tey School are committed to providing the very best education they can for all their pupils up to the age of 16. They believe that a ?one size fits all' curriculum model is not appropriate and cannot meet the differing needs of all pupils so have always endeavoured to provide a curriculum as flexible and personalised as possible. They are committed to ensuring that the new 16-25 provision builds on this and ensures that both their students and those from other Havering providers, are given the highest quality opportunity to develop the skills that will best prepare them for adult life. Their aim is to provide a meaningful and relevant set of learning experiences which together provide an engaging curriculum enabling both participation and achievement for all pupils whilst preparing them for their future.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham commented: "Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated annually on 3 December around the world. This year myself and my staff decided to visit ?Corbets Tey @ The Avelon' to mark the day. It was a real pleasure to meet the students and the staff at this new Post 16 Provision. Fay and I were provided with a lovely Christmas Dinner for lunch where we sat with pupils and staff and discussed all that happens at The Avelon.

"I was extremely impressed to see the staff encourage independence for their pupils as well as their education. As our meeting came to a close the pupils had their chance to ask me questions which was a great opportunity for them to share their political thoughts and hopes. I was very impressed with their knowledge and understanding and think there could possibly be some future politicians budding at The Avelon. I want to thank Emma Allen (Head teacher) and her staff for a wonderful afternoon."

Fay Hough, Havering Coordinator commented: "It was a pleasure to spend my afternoon with such wonderful young people at The Avelon. We enjoyed a beautifully cooked Christmas Dinner made by the pupils, and even got to listen to some of their favourite Christmas songs. Listening to their question and answer session with Jon was great, the students had really done their homework and didn't let Jon off lightly! There definitely are some budding politicians at ?Corbets Tey @ The Avelon'. Thank you to Emma Allen and her staff for a lovely afternoon."