It has recently come to light that the Orchard Village walk-in centre is scheduled to close as part of the regeneration of the area formerly known as the Mardyke Estate. The walk-in centre is the only accessible clinic available to the residents of the estate and the surrounding area. Local residents have been advised that during the period of closure they must re-direct to Harold Wood health centre which is two bus journeys and a considerable walk away.

Over the past week local residents, many of who are elderly, have contacted Jon Cruddas MP with their concerns. Jon Cruddas has been running a campaign to secure greater investment into Havering's health service for the past five years so the news came as very concerning. As the Member of Parliament for the area Jon contacted the Consultation Manager of NEL Commissioning Support Unit who are responsible for advising local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Jon is also in talks with NHS England to find out what the plans are surrounding the future of the walk-in centre, and what provisions have been established to help residents in the meantime.

Jon Cruddas is currently waiting for a response from NHS England concerning the future of the Orchard Village walk-in centre and will keep residents updated on the situation as it progresses.

Jon said: "I am seeking assurances from NHS England that proper provision is set up to accommodate the residents that use the facility regularly. Asking sick residents to travel on two buses and then walk a considerable distance to the Harold Wood health centre is unacceptable, and I will be doing all I can to ensure that an alternative is available.

"I will also be in talks with NHS England to ensure that a new walk-in centre is incorporated into the regeneration plans at Orchard Village, and I will be continuing my campaign for better health services in Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park."