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Clamping down on clampers

Drivers across the borough have been forced to pay exorbitant fines after being pounced upon by private car clamping operators. Jon has had many constituents raise this matter with him and in some cases the cowboy clampers have used bullying and intimidating behaviour to pressure people into paying the large fine to have their car released.

The Government held a consultation over the summer and Jon is pushing for action this year to ensure that the practice is no longer unregulated and people are not faced with more excessive fines. Jon told the local press:

"I have heard reports of private car clamping operators pouncing on cars on private land, intimidating drivers. I want to raise a few law changes and regulation changes in parliament and I want to find out if any more local people have experienced this, so we can build the case for legal changes. I have heard of £800 fines going to vulnerable people who have parked wrongly for just a few minutes."

If you have fallen foul of a wheel clamping company, please contact Jon at his constituency office on 020 8984 7854.