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Circle Housing Beam Park Development Consultation

Circle Housing Beam Park Development Consultation

On Saturday 15th October Jon Cruddas MP sent his Havering team to Circle Housings' public exhibition for the redevelopment of 90 New Road, Rainham. The exhibition was to promote proposals which will make up part of the Beam Park Masterplan, the plans include 700 ? 750 new properties and will incorporate the new Beam Park C2C rail station.

The full proposals can be found by clicking HERE

You can also download a consultation comment form by clicking HERE

Over the last few weeks many residents have contacted Jon Cruddas MP to raise their concerns about the new development plans. One such issue is that of parking. There are 700 ? 750 proposed new homes but only parking provision for 450 cars. The theory being that the homes are right on top of the new station and will not need to commute by car. This suggests that the homes are being marketed to attract people outside the area, with 210 of the properties being offered at affordable rents.

Jon has highlighted concern at the poor parking provision but has also stated: "we are in the midst of a London-wide housing crisis, and many London boroughs are setting a worrying trend with new developments that see existing residents priced out. It is very important that developments of this size are to the benefit of existing communities, providing a portion of local homes for local people."

There is also a worry that the same problems currently affecting the Orchard Village estate will be replicated in the new homes. Speaking to residents of Orchard Village the main concern is that the developments are springing up too fast without proper consultation or geographical research. There is also a worry that the lack of parking will lead to increased traffic on the adjacent residential roads of Lower Mardyke, Askwith, Walden, Spencer, South Street, etc.

There are also a number of infrastructure issues which according to the plans seem to be addressed in the wider Masterplan ? however in the short term there would be an immediate impact on local services prior to the building of a new school, health centre, and Jon Cruddas MP is arguing that the roads on the north of New Road should be resurfaced as part of the development in anticipation of increased use.

As much as with the development at Dover's Corner Jon is calling for more investment in existing infrastructure to support future developments of this size. You can find Jon's full objection to planning on Dover's Corner by clicking HERE

Jon Cruddas commented: "these are big plans and it is important that the people of South Hornchurch and Rainham have a say on them. I am encouraging residents to take part in the consultation, and as the local Member of Parliament I will make sure that local voices are heard on this. More than 1300 new properties on this site and Dover's Corner combined will mean that services in the area will be under immense pressure to keep up in their current state. I hope the council will take this into consideration and work with the developers to address not only the needs of new residents but existing ones as well."

Circle Housing are planning on holding future meetings with residents before submitting their final application to Havering Council, which will then go before a planning committee. Jon Cruddas will endeavour to keep local residents updated, but residents are encouraged to take part in the consultation process and can contact Circle Housing directly regarding this particular development on 020 3176 4161 or via email at