Do you remember the Robert Jeyes Library? After local Ward Councillors and various charity groups campaigned hard for the library to stay open and continue providing its services earlier this year, we have some more great news! It is currently being converted into the Chadwell Heath Community Centre (CHCC), and will provide more services to the local community on top of those the library used to provide.

Recently in a bid to secure more funding for the Community Centre they entered into both the ASDA and Sainsbury's charity token scheme. Both companies work very closely with many local charities across the country, offering support and funding for charities chosen by the public. The Chadwell Heath Community Centre were the runners up at ASDA and secured a cheque of £50.

The Sainsbury's bid is still ongoing, with members of the CHCC pitching what they would do with 12 months of support from the local store on the high street.

Chadwell Heath have a fantastic local community which helps towards the running of the community centre. However there are still many roles that need filling when the CHCC opens in October. If you are interested in helping out or applying for a position please contact Anne Estlea for more information:

Mob: 07542 179068 | Phone: 020 8270 4305