Since March 2017 Jon Cruddas MP has been campaigning for better services at Rainham c2c station. He has contacted residents via post, online consultations and postcard consultations handed out by his Havering Action Team outside Rainham station. The response has been huge. Over 700 commuters contacted Jon expressing their concerns. Questions that were put to commuters focused on services during peak times, for example:

"Would you like to see more carriages during peak times e.g. morning and evening?"

All correspondence has been compiled into percentages to show the exact concerns that commuters are expressing. The image above shows the results.

As you can see from the image above the demand for more carriages during peak times came from nearly half of people who spoke to Jon. In January 2017, the new owners of c2c - Trenitalia, implemented a new timetable. 26% of people believe this timetable has affected their journey in a negative way with only 5% believing the new timetable has had a positive effect.

With the information Jon has collected he will be meeting with the bosses of c2c in the coming weeks to feedback the data he has collected and discuss further. With the growing concern of Rainham Station platform becoming a public health risk, commuters being packed into only four carriages at peak times, and the increased issue of train cancellations, it is very clear that changes need to be made. Jon will continue to fight this campaign and liaise commuters until services improve.

Jon Cruddas MP said:

"It is clear this is a top issue for the people of Rainham. After speaking to many residents I feel it is my duty to represent them as their newly re-elected MP. I will be meeting with the bosses at c2c in the coming weeks in which I will feedback these results. I look forward to discussing the situation further with them."