C2C plan to resume full timetable

Wed, 05/13/2020 - 06:00
C2C plan to resume full timetable

This week Jon Cruddas MP received a detailed and extensive plan from c2c regarding normal timetables resuming at Rainham and Dagenham Dock stations.

C2c have stated that they will return to their full, standard weekday timetable from next Monday, 18th May 2020. This date was agreed with the Government in an industry plan jointly created with DfT over the past few weeks and is designed to provide the largest possible step-up in capacity at the earliest deliverable date that train operators are able to do this.

C2c are also going one step further in that, to maximise the amount of capacity they provide they are also lengthening all their off-peak services from 4-carriages to 8-carriages. This will mean they will be operating at the maximum capacity they can provide all-day, whilst also providing enough maintenance time for the remainder of their trains. At this point they will be using all of their fleet and there will be simply no further trains left that they could put in service.

With the limitations imposed by social distancing the maximum capacity that they can provide with this enhanced train service is around 20% of their normal, pre-covid AM peak levels. C2c have insured they are doing everything they can to provide a safe environment, including introducing queuing and one-way systems at their busiest stations, and clear and extensive fixed signage and continuous announcements. It will be the responsibility of passengers to make their own judgement on their journey and take personal responsibility for their own personal precautions, keeping as much social distancing as possible during peak times.

C2c have released these three steps for those using their services particularly during peak times:

TRAVEL SAFE: Wear a face covering if you can, in line with the Government's instructions, and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. Also stagger your start to avoid peak times. Currently the earliest services are the busiest, so it is better to delay your journey if you must travel. In particular West Ham station is very busy between 06.30 and 07.30 so please avoid it at those times if at all possible.

TRAVEL SMART: Ticket Office opening times will be limited, so use Contactless payment or get yourself a Smartcard. By using a Smartcard, you can buy your ticket online and collect it direct from the gates, which is the simplest way to maintain a safe distance at the station.

KEEP APART: Maintain your social distance when possible at stations and onboard trains. This will not always be possible on busy trains or when disembarking, but please show maximum consideration to others. Therefore, it is also important to follow Government advice to wear a face covering.

The company are running a customer communication campaign, which is online here: https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/xWjxCXL8EiZ0DYYC6WgXd?domain=c2c-online.co.uk/

C2c executives have stated that they will be putting in place every safety precaution they can as lockdown eases and trains begin to get busier. Julian Drury, Managing Director of Trenitalia c2c said: "After that we will be reliant on passengers behaving responsibly, wearing face coverings if they are travelling at busy times and doing whatever they can to respect social distancing rules, while accepting that it will not always be possible to do so."