Jon Cruddas MP has recently received new research from the ‘Centre for Towns’ database regarding the variations in broadband speeds from across the country. This research has calculated download speeds from over 6,000 different locations in England, Scotland and Wales and have produced clear and varying results up and down the country.

Dagenham and Rainham were ranked 167th in the country for average download speeds, with an average speed of 55.90 Mbps compared to the national average of 46.2 Mbps. This is especially impressive given that some areas of the country experience broadband speeds 45 times slower than the national average.

This is promising data as our constituents enjoy high and quick broadband connection relative to other locations across the country. However, the centre of Dagenham enjoys an average speed of 41.9 Mbps, whilst the centre of Rainham experiences an average of only 37.4 Mbps. Therefore, although the overall constituency enjoys relatively high broadband speed compared with the national average, it is important that we aim for greater consistency across all boroughs.

Jon Cruddas MP commented: “Whilst it is great news that the constituency lies within the top bracket with regards to broadband speeds across the country, there is undoubtedly still room for improvement. A large amount of personal and professional work takes place online and we need to bring our connectivity into the 21st century to keep up with neighbouring countries standards. The internet is a crucial aspect of day to day life, and we must therefore work towards the highest possible broadband speeds.”

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